About Us

We all want to keep our children and families safe. In order to do that, parents need to be informed.

  • Preventative activities
  • Danger signs
  • What help is available
  • How to get that help

These are all important things for a parent, and other family members, to know. It takes being pro-active, most children will not be successful if left to find their own way. Parents need to be involved.

That is what we are about: Providing the information to help keep youth safe from gang violence. It is our goal to help parents easily get the information relevant to their own community – facts and phone numbers that can help, now.

This website serves three Counties: San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura. While some information, such as indicators of gang involvement, may not vary from one county to another, the resources available for help do. That is why many portions of this site are separated by County.

This website was launched in April of 2012. We will be expanding, improving, changing, as we go. It will always be a work in progress. Feel free to help us and provide your comments in the contact us section.

Let’s work together to End Gang Violence!

This website was made possible through a grant from the California Emergency Management Agency (CalEMA).