Street Outreach – Oxnard, Port Hueneme, and El Rio

The ‘Street Impact Team’ is comprised of Street Outreach Specialists and are available to meet with gang involved youth and young adults.  They are familiar with the gang lifestyle and use their own personal experiences to establish a rapport with gang members to facilitate communication.  They are able to assess the gang involvement and assist in placement into programs that can help the individual. The  Street Impact Team also responds after the police to violent gang assaults in order to diffuse tensions that lead to retribution as well as working the neighborhoods on a daily basis to interact with active gang members and those at risk in an effort to direct them to resources that can assist them in leaving the gang life.   If you would like to talk with an Outreach Specialist, call City Impact, Inc. at (805) 983-3636 or (805) 204-6573.

This service is made possible as part of Operation PeaceWorks, a City of Oxnard led intervention partnership with the community. For more information on the program, call  (805) 486-6290.

 Street/Youth Outreach – Ventura County

HopeBoyz, HopeGirlz, and PeaceMakers Outreach operates under the Ventura County chapter of the National Clergy Council.  It offers one on one engaging of gang members and high-risk youth, mentoring, referral to schools, counseling, youth groups, and alternative activities.  For more information call (805) 201-7791.

Tattoo Removal

Free tattoo removal is being provided by the County of Ventura, in partnership with a variety of agencies and organizations and physicians, in Santa Paula and in Oxnard.  The tattoo removal clinic is offered once a month on a Saturday morning at each location and while there is no fee for the service, community service hours are required. The clinic not only welcomes participants but volunteers to run the clinic.

Orientation for first time participants will be at 9 am the day of the clinic.  Due to overwhelming response, spaces are limited.

If you have any questions, or would like to find out how you can help, please call:

Santa Paula:    The Santa Paula Family Care Clinic, 1334 E. Main St., Santa Paula – (805) 933-1242

Oxnard:            The Las Islas Clinic, 325 W. Channel Islands Blvd., Oxnard –  (805) 483-0198

Grizzly Youth Academy

The Grizzly Youth Academy is a Charter High School, authorized through the San Luis Obispo County Office of Education.  The academy is structured as a “military boarding school” to promote an academic environment that helps develop leadership, cooperation, and academic skills, while improving self esteem, pride, and confidence.

The ChalleNGe Experience

The ChalleNGe experience has transformed the lives of over 113, 000 youth.  The changes are powerful, from the outside in, and the inside out!  The positive results not only impact the graduates, but also their family and community.  Read through the ChalleNGe Phases and Core Components for an overview of the experience, and then visit the Alumni Success Stories for proof of positive results.

If you are 16-18 years of age, and want to make a change in your life, this program is for you.  Be a part of this great FREE program.  Change your life… and be proud of yourself.

R.M. Pyles Boys Camp

No-cost Camp Available to At-risk Boys

Do you know of a boy age 12-14 who is starting to head down the wrong path? Consider R.M. Pyles Boys Camp. Established in 1949 in the Sequoia National Forest, Pyles Boys Camp is a rugged, 2-week, camp that seeks to instill confidence, pride, value of hard work, and respect for self and others.  Pyles Camp shows boys that they can succeed in life if they are willing to work hard.

 Youth Crisis Line

24 hours/7 days a week


Interface’s Youth Crisis Line provides help to youth and families facing difficult situations. Youth staff offer guidance and intervention to youth needing assistance or in crisis situations. Our Youth Specialists will listen and offer support and resources to help resolve conflict.

Staff are available to provide response services to schools, law enforcement agencies and youth-serving organizations. Youth Specialists also provide follow-up services to teens who contact the crisis line or who are referred to our program.

Who Can Call?

Youth, family members, law enforcement, schools and community agencies.

Services are available in English and Spanish; and other languages as needed.

Youth Crisis Outreach Services – English (PDF); Youth Crisis Outreach Services – Espanol (PDF)