for Service Providers

We want to keep our children and communities across the Tri-Counties safe from gang violence.  Your organization likely is providing services that either directly or indirectly assist in achieving that goal.  To be effective, we need to make your resources and those of other service providers that are available in each County known to parents, educators and others involved in the lives of our children.

This website is designed to get that information to those that need it, EASILY.  It’s as simple as that.

We have also established a website, ‘TriServe’,  designed for you, the service providers.  It is a place where you can list your agency and its services, post your events, and participate in forums with other service providers.  We are taking the agency/organization information posted on TriServe, and populating this public website with those service providers offering services for gang prevention and intervention, substance abuse, youth development, and parenting support.

So you see, by listing your organization on TriServe, you will not only get the collaborative benefits of that website, but you will also be listed on this site used by the public.

We invite and encourage you to join TriServe at today and take advantage of the opportunity to begin talking and collaborating in real time, not just at monthly or quarterly meetings.  We all share the same goal, the safety of the children.  It may take a Village to raise a child, but it takes a CommUnity to keep them safe.

Please, come join us.


As you are probably aware, some communities have coalitions working to end gang violence. If you are not currently a part of a collaborative in your area, you can learn more about the groups by clicking below: