for Community

The Strength of the Community is often unrecognized and unused. As a member of the community, you have the Power to make a difference. Everyone in the community has something to share. Here are a few ways you can get involved:

  • Contact your local Police Department or Sheriff’s Office and ask if there is an officer assigned to your neighborhood.
  • Know your neighbors.  There is power and safety in numbers.  Work together to keep an eye on each others children and to support each other.
  • Be involved in activities out in the community.  Local Parks and Recreation Departments often sponsor events to build community unity.  Find out where they are and offer to help with the event or just attend the event and take your neighbors with you.  It is a chance to meet other people and find more resources.
  • Talk to local churches.  Many of them have relationships with law enforcement and city officials.  Share your concerns, ask for support and find ways to get involved.
  • Contact your county’s child abuse prevention council.  These agencies have resources for keeping youth and families safe. Contact information for Child Abuse Prevention Council’s in each county can be found in the resources section of this website.
  • Support positive youth activity. Donate your time or resources to programs that help keep youth involved in positive activities.
  • Be a mentor. Youth need role models and people they can depend on and look up to. For a list of mentor programs, click on ‘programs to PREVENT’ in the resources section of your County.


Some communities have coalitions working to end gang violence and are always looking for more involvement of the community.  Get involved:

To find organizations and programs who are working to end gang violence click on resources.